TK The Architect

Kimberly Young Sun

Original founder, TK The Architect started CON TEMPLATE in 2011 with friends who shared similar aspirations & a desire to provide a platform for the talented friends they were surrounded by.

His most recent projects include producing albums for many members of our collective.

As an art director, Kimberly Young Sun balances her time between curating, coordinating & branding our events.

Within our community, Young Sun works on many projects, bringing a distinct aesthetic to the visual side of our collective. She designs album art, uses video + photography to document important moments, amongst countless other things.

Music Director 

Art Director / Designer

Danni Fuentes

Assistant Art Director

Danni Fuentes acts as assistant art director within CON TEMPLATE. She currently works as a designer at Long Island based company, Merch Direct.


Her skills are an asset to the collective as a creative— designing merch & single art for indie artist, Zuli.

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